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전자 상거래 스페인

Do you want to conquer the Spanish market? By 2021, as much as 29% of e-commerce in Spain was a purchase from abroad. Reason enough to bring your webshop or website to Spain. With 35 million online shoppers and over 46 million inhabitants, the Spanish e-commerce sector is promising. The number of Spanish online shoppers is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. However, the number of providers is still very low compared to countries such as the Netherlands and Germany. So this certainly offers opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs, this is the right time to step in! With Clonable your Spanish webshop or Spanish website is made in no time.

해외 온라인 구매 상위 3개 품목:
  1. 중국

  2. 영국

  3. 독일

상위 3개 제품 카테고리:
  1. 의류 및 신발 (36%)

  2. 전자 제품(30%)

  3. 뷰티 & 건강 (17%)

자주 사용하는 결제 수단 상위 3가지:
  1. 디지털 지갑(페이팔, 올페이, 37%)

  2. 결제 카드(29%)

  3. 신용카드(24%)

그림: 크로스보더 국제 우편 협력(IPC)에서 실시한 이커머스 쇼핑객 조사


For the Spanish customer, packaging is important, it should preferably be recyclable, and delivery should also be sustainable. In addition, there is an extra strict packaging law in Spain. You must comply with this law when you sell packaged products through your Spanish online store to Spanish consumers. You must register your from the first gram of packaging material that you market in Spain as a company. You register yourself with the Spanish responsible organization Ecoembes. The website is only available in Spanish. After your registration, you must put The Green Dot, or The Green Dot, on your packaging. This will show that the packaging is recycled.

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